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  • X0SG2-167-T


SHAD 5.5

SHAD 5.5" Handlebar Phone Mount

SHAD’s Smart Phone / GPS Bracket is a must have gadget for any motorcycle or scooter rider. Easily mounted to the handlebar or mirror mount of your bike, this secure bracket is fully rotational and adjustable to different angles for perfect viewing. A Waterproof case is included with the bracket and mounts + dismounts via quick release. An extra safety strap is included for optimal security. Phones and GPS Systems are fully Operable through the waterproof case, making this a convenient accessory while on the road. Available in sizes to fit most Phones and GPS Systems, these systems are a must have gadget.

tech specs:

  • Quick + Secure handlebar Mount
  • Compatible Iphone 6, Samsung Galaxy
  • Waterproof Case included
  • Fully Rotational Mount
  • Angle Adjustable Mount
  • Safety Strap Included


  • Adjustable Inner Shims
  • Thermo-sealed, 100% waterproof Seat
  • Crystal Film for Touchscreens